Our retail selection consists of locally raised beef, bison, elk, pork, and lamb cuts. We have specialty sausages, hot dogs, bbq, marinated chicken & pork all done in house. There is also a section with chicken, fish, and other misc. products available.

Retail Products

Our frozen retail section is made up primarily of our locally raised beef, pork, and lamb cuts. We do a wide range of marinades with our most popular being our boneless skinless chicken breast. Rice’s award winning sausages, jerky, hot dogs, and summer sausages are also available. The products are available in small or large quantities and can be left fresh with a pre-order.

Sides, Quarters and Packages

Rice’s also offers sides of beef, pork, Bison and whole lambs for people interested in larger quantities for the freezer. Our prices are based off of the market price and we charge on the carcass weight of the animal. Each order is cut custom to your wishes and packaged to your individual family size. We take your cuts over the phone or in person helping the first time buyer with all of the options available for each cut.


Rice’s has been your home for custom processing since 1974. Since we are a state inspected facility that allows all of your products to be available for resale at the local market, store, or your home. We process one animal at a time to ensure that the animal you bring in is the one you take home. Rice’s also offers many options for the custom processor including custom labeling, vacuuming, and custom smoking.

Private Labeling

Rice’s can help develop your own label to be applied to your products. This will help to promote your farm and business. These labels must be approved by the state prior to use but we will take care of all of the leg work for you.

Packaging Options

We use a poly wrap first and then a shrink wrap for the second layer. This gives you the ability to see your product and keeps more air out than the old white paper. We still offer the white paper for the customers that wish it at no additional charge. Rice’s can also vacuum your products. This is a great way to display your meat, but it is not the best option for each cut. Boxing your patties or other products is also an option. We will be happy to work with you to find the best packaging option for your needs.

Custom Sausages

Rice’s makes a wide variety of products. We can make a product with one of our existing recipes or work with one that you have for a private labeled sausage. Some examples of our current options are: summer sausage, jerky, snack sticks, bologna, hot dogs, bratwurst, Italian sausage, chorizo, Polish sausage, and more.

Weight Price Label

Rice’s can apply a weight price sticker on your products to display your weight and cost of each package.